A little while ago the specialists have found a new way to prevent and treat breast cancer by injecting therapeutics through the nipple. The procedure has been tested on mice. The advantage is that it makes it possible for the doctors to reach the origin of the cancer which usually are the milk ducts.

New Breast Cancer Treatment

Advantage of the New Treatment

By injecting the drugs through the nipples, women won’t have to suffer from the common side effects of chemotherapy. In this case there is no need for the drugs to go through all the cells of the body. In the same time the drugs won’t be broken down by the liver and thus they will be more effective.

Making Experiments

The specialists already began having experiments with the new treatment option. They are working with a new nanoparticle-based drug that prevents the activation of a given gene that supports the formation of cancerous cells. This kind of targeted treatment helped making cancer better in case of mice.

Getting the Word Out

The researchers see it as their goal to make sure that the treatment will reach as many people as possible. This is why they wrote an article in a specialty journal which simplifies the entire process so that the average people will be able to understand it too.

Breast Cancer Research

This kind of research is a hot topic of the medical world because of the numerous patients worldwide. Treating the condition is quite expensive, so finding a faster and better method of handling it would be advantageous for both the governments and the population.

Trial Phase

Although it is quite easy to make trials using mice or rats, once a treatment seems to be working the specialists have to find a trial group who is willing to use the treatment. However, in this case this shouldn’t be a problem, because since there are so many patients, for sure some will be willing to try it because they might see it as their only hope.

At the moment no kind of cancer has a real cure. However, the specialists are always trying to come up with new drugs and new treatments that would make life for the patients easier. This method could bring the breakthrough that so many people have been looking for. A new kind of treatment can always bring new hope to both patients and health care specialists.