The recent studies regarding the mental health of young mothers suggests that about 50,000 in the UK live with a parent who is struggling with some kind of mental illness. This is an alarming number and it suggests that there is need for more support for these women.

The Purpose of the Project

In order to assess the situation to its full extent, the specialists have been working with service workers, education professionals, mental health professionals, and also young carers.

The main purpose of the project has been to assess the needs of young carers, the factors that could help avoid mental conditions in case of young carers and the services that the young carers would need.


Since they have so many responsibilities, the young carers often miss out on the parts of life that other children get to have. This way they become isolated and they will have to chance to get a relief of all the pressure that they are under. In many cases the children don’t have the knowledge to understand what problems their parents are coping with.

Key Facts

The truth is that there are over 50,000 mothers under the age of 20 in the UK only. According to the recent studies in the field, about 53% of the young mothers are affected by postpartum depression. The lack of support for the mother also affects the well-being and development of the newborn.

The United Kingdom

At the moment in the UK there are more teenage mothers than in any other European country. As it has been mentioned before, the majority of these women are affected by postpartum depression. If they had access to professional care, they might cope with these problems.

The Opinion of Specialists

The specialists claim that if the mothers had access to specially tailored services, they could pass through the difficulties that they are faced with starting with their teenage years. A comprehensive service would help women with parenting, relationship difficulties, mental health needs, employment, housing, and even employment.

What do the Young Mothers have to say?

In many cases the mothers don’t ask for help because they think there is something wrong with them and they are afraid of discrimination. Nonetheless, all mothers should want the best themselves and their babies and this means that they should ask for specialized and professional help when they feel like there is something wrong.