By this time it has become a well-known fact that diabetes patients have higher chances of developing certain kinds of cancers. A little while ago researchers have performed a unique meta-analysis during which they excluded all other causes of death and they have found that these patients are not only at a higher risk of developing cancer but they also have higher chances of dying because of cancer.

Diabetic Patients Have Higher Chances of Developing Colon and Breast Cancers

Previous Studies

The studies that have been performed until this point examined the connection between the development of cancer and diabetes. However, the death caused by given kinds of cancer has not been analyzed closely.


This has been the first study ever that used meta-analysis that looked at death caused by colon and breast cancer and incidence. As it has been mentioned before, all the other causes of death have been excluded.

Gathering the Data

In order to make sure that the results they reach will be significant, the specialists gathered information from 20 trials which took place between 2007 and 2012. This meant 1.9 million patients of which some were affected by colon or breast cancer.


The study has shown that the patients with diabetes had 23% chances of being affected by breast cancer. In the same time their chances of actually dying of the disease increased by 38% compared to the participants who weren’t affected by diabetes. On the other hand the patients with diabetes had 26% chances of developing colon cancer and their chances of dying from the disease increased by 30%.

What do the Specialists have to say?

It is known that the obese patients who are also affected by diabetes are more vulnerable when it comes to surgery. They have increased risks both during and after the surgery. In the same time the costs of surgery of this patient category also increase because their needs are more special.

Global Effect

If we take a look at the current statistics, more and more people are affected by diabetes and obesity. This means that in the future there will be more people affected by cancer and since these people have higher chances of dying because of these conditions, the medical world is facing significant problems.

Although diabetes and obesity isn’t something that all people can control, there is a lot that they could do in order to decrease their chances of being affected by such conditions.