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connection between spirituality and mental health

What is spirituality? Spirituality is a concept which is acknowledged and accepted worldwide. It is a science of belief and faith on a universal power and force called God. Those who believe in God to be the creator of the universe and man are the ones who have faith in him. These people are collectively known as the ‘spiritual’. Spirituality extends beyond religions, cultures and idol worship. The concept is more about faith and submission than prayer. This is a science which instills qualities like love, patience, tolerance, honesty and faith in people. For a long time now, a connection between spirituality and mental health has been established. It has been proved that spirituality can help improve the mental and physical health of people. Let’s see how this is possible: Our mental health has two major dimensions: presence of a well-adjusted personality and absence of any mental illnesses. Some essential features of mental health are given as follows: • Courage to take risks and utilize opportunities • Acceptance of uncertainty and the unforeseen • Flexibility in day to day life and situations • Involvement in activity of liking and interest • Harmonious relationship with others and with oneself • Self-control and a controlled temperament • Acceptance of limitations and handicaps • Taking responsibility for our own actions Since these are the dimensions of mental illness and are also related to spirituality and belief in God, there is a strong connection between both. Thus by improving our spiritual belief and faith in god, we can come to a balance of your mental health as well. When we place our trust in god and leave ourselves in his hands, we will begin to develop the confidence of everything going in the right direction, which in turn has a strong impact on our mental health. Important scholars like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung considered our psyche as the carrier of truth and wisdom. Religion and spirituality is important for the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and etiology of psychiatric matters, issues and disturbances. Thus with the lack of spirituality and faith, one may find issues in personal relationships, professional matters and other areas of life. This in turn can cause disturbance in the mental set up of the person, affecting psychological health. Due such lack offaith, one may start losing interest in day to day life and professional activities. This is a common symptom of depression. How to improve mental health with spirituality? • In order to improve upon your mental health, you can take help of spirituality. Start by trying to picture what God is according to you. It could be the universe at large, or the God of the religion you believe in. It could be the bible or another religious text. • Place your faith in your God and believe that God is looking after you in happy times as well as troubled times. • Once you do this, life will begin to appear simpler and you will feel a new sense of self confidence, belief in destiny and will begin to feel more alive.