We all know that exercise and diet are important for a healthy lifestyle. According to the latest researches regarding the health of menopausal women, those who had a healthy lifestyle had 33% smaller chances of dying, including death caused by cancer. This doesn’t apply to those who didn’t follow the suggestions of the professionals regarding weight, diet, alcohol intake, and physical activity.

diet for cancer patients

The Specialists’ Recommendations

The specialists also add that the most important way to ensure a healthy lifestyle is giving up using tobacco products. In order to reach their conclusions, the researchers used the results of a 15 years long study, which is considered to be the longest of this kind.

The Process

In order to gather information, the specialists gathered data from almost 66,000 postmenopausal women between the ages of 50 and 79. These women have been enrolled in the study between 1993 and 1998. There were 40 datacenters that handled the incoming information.

The Results

The study shows that the women who followed the recommendations of the specialists had 22% lower chances of being affected by breast cancer and 52% lower chances of colorectal cancer compared to the women who didn’t follow the instructions.

Central Planks

The recommendations that the participants had to follow consisted of four central planks: healthy weight, physical activity, healthy diet, and limited alcohol intake. The specialists claim that the message of the study is very simple: in order to reduce the chances of being affected by cancer, women must have a healthy life.


For the researchers to divide the women into groups, they gave scores to the participants based on their adherence to the guidelines. The women who didn’t follow the suggestions got zero points, while the maximum score has been of eight. The majority of women had a general score of three to six.


During the study period, 9,000 of the participants have been diagnosed with cancer. Based on the observations, the women with the healthiest lifestyle have the lowest chances of being affected by cancer. In the same time their chances of death (for reasons other than cancer) were also lower.

All in all we can say that when people tell you to have a healthy lifestyle they don’t mean to nag you; in fact this is something you should be doing for yourself to ensure a happy and healthy life. Increasing the length of your life depends solely on you.