Having a good sex life can do more for your health than you would actually expect. Don’t forget that during intercourse your hormones break free and you can get rid of stress and frustration. However, you might have some inhibitions that don’t allow you to have all the fun that you need.

2014 Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Don’t Fake it!

Although the majority of women deny it, many of them do watch porn and they might be a bit jealous of the stars having all the fun. Don’t forget that in the majority of the cases the actors are only faking it. It is important to be honest in the bedroom and let your partner know what you like (and make sure that the unpleasant experiences won’t be repeated).

Go the Unconventional Way

It is common for women to say that they don’t like and they don’t want sex, but this is just a lie. Men admittedly like it and people don’t consider them weird. You should just go with the flow. If you like it and your partner likes it as well, there is no reason for you not to express your desires.

Do you feel like it?

Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants. In case you are up for it, you might want to wait for your lover in sexy lingerie when he gets home and so you will both get the chance to get down to… business. Just let your partner know when you feel like it.

Save the Date

Did you ever consider getting a booking with your partner? This means that you set a date in advance when you’re going to have some fun. You should set some ground rules and make sure that you are both prepared. Such a “date” can turn out to be a lot of fun because both of you will know what to expect.

A Dream Come True

All people have desires and fantasies and most probably you know all about the fantasies of your partner. So what stops you from making them all come true? For instance, if he likes girls in uniforms, why not surprise him with a sexy police officer uniform? This way he will be thinking about you every time he sees a policeman.

There are so many ways for people to have fun in the bedroom. You should just let your imagination free and go with it.