If you had unprotected sex, you are likely to be considering the possibility of taking an emergency contraceptive, also known as the morning after pill or Plan B. The likely question that pops into mind is:

What is the safe time of month to have intercourse?

The answer is there is no completely safe time to have intercourse; because at no point of time in a fertile woman’s menstrual cycle can the possibility of pregnancy be categorically ruled out. Though theoretically it is one week before ovulation and one week after ovulation that is supposed to be the fertile period, even while menstruating there is a one percent chance of a woman falling pregnant. So for any unprotected sex there may be cause to consider emergency contraception.

If a woman has sex immediately after her period, what are her chances of falling pregnant?

Immediately after cessation of her period, if a woman has unprotected sex, her chances of falling pregnant are very low; but not altogether absent.  It is worth remembering that the sperm can survive in the vaginal area for several days, so even if one has sex on an unfertile day, the actual conception of pregnancy may happen several days thereafter, when sex did not even occur.

What if a condom breaks during sex?

This is usually the prime example for use of emergency contraception; that the condom breaks or comes dislodged during sex.

What is the safest way to have sex?

Oral contraceptive pills or Intra Uterine devices are the safest methods of having sex; i.e. they lower the rate of possibility of getting pregnant as close to zero as possible. However these are long term methods of contraception, the monthly contraceptive pill has to be taken each day of the entire month for it to be effective, and the IUD has to be inserted by a medical practitioner. Failing these, the most effective method of contraception is using a condom.

If periods are irregular what is the safe way to have sex?

The rhythm or withdrawal methods of contraception, have a higher rate of failure than condom use, so if periods are irregular and there is no way of pinpointing ovulation it is best that no chances be taken and a condom be used each time the couple has intercourse. Condoms are reliable, easily available, cheap, protects you against sexually transmitted diseases, and are generally the best bet if you are looking to be safe while having sex.