Due to the information overload and the endless advice that women typically receive from the media, many myths and misconceptions tend to be confused with fact. This can be misleading and could prevent women from achieving the fitness goals that they set for themselves.

1. Weights make women bulky

This is easily the most common female fitness myth. What makes one muscly and bulky and like a body builder is hormones or rather unusual genetics.

Women Fitness MythsDoing weights will give a woman a lean and toned look and not bulky muscles. It will also raise her metabolism so that she is burning more calories even while at rest and give her stronger bones for longer.

Another weights related myth is that women should lift light weight only. Doing light weights that don’t challenge the muscles and offer resistance will not offer the benefits of lean muscle.

Ideally weights should be heavy enough that you cannot do 12 reps easily, and not so heavy that you cannot complete 8 reps.

2. Exercising just a day a week is useless

The old adage of something being better than nothing certainly applies here. So if you are able to exercise just once or twice a week, this is still doing you a lot of good compared to a completely sedentary lifestyle. So get off your backside and don’t hide behind that old excuse.

3. Women are not supposed to exercise during their period

Not only is it perfectly OK for women to exercise during their period; women should exercise during their period. Exercise enhances mood, increases blood circulation and may even ease menstrual cramps.

Cycling, running, swimming are all OK except if there are any medical reasons not to. And if your body tells you that it needs a rest during those few days of the month, then take a break.

4. Exercise gives you a bigger chest

Many women may wish this was true but alas it is not. While doing exercise for the pectoral and chest muscles may tighten and tone the supporting muscles around the breasts, the breasts themselves are composed of only fat and exercise cannot make them bigger.

However exercising and losing weight can sometimes accentuate a woman’s bust line so that it will appear bigger than earlier.

5. If you’re slim you don’t need exercise

Exercise has so many benefits other than just making the body slim or making women look good. It is a health and mood enhancer and can be a rewarding activity for any woman regardless of her size.