One or a few skipped periods, or irregular periods after an abortion are quite common and are not something that needs to be worried about.

It can take up to six months after an abortion for a woman’s menstrual periods to get back to normal or to regularize.

Typically there will be bleeding after an abortion that may last anywhere between three days and five weeks.

Either extreme may well be normal, however, at no point should bleeding be more or heavier than any of your periods at the heaviest.Abortion

The bleeding should be the same as your normal period or lighter or should be seen to get lighter. If it gets heavier however, that is a reason to call up the doctor. Also if the color and kind of blood changes, say from darker to the brighter red of new blood, you need to call the doctor.

During the post abortion bleeding, there will be some amount of pain and cramping; if this is more acute than your normal period or it does not abate and also does not respond to medication, the doctor will need to look into it.

If there is discharge other than blood (small clots are fine, large ones are cause for concern), if it is foul smelling, there is blood in stool or urine, and continued symptoms of pregnancy should all be cause for immediate concern.