Breast implant has become very common amongst women nowadays. In the process of breast implant, huge silicon bags are implanted within the body to increase the size of the female breast.

However the process is not as simple as it sounds and it may include many of the complexities which the woman must be known to before she opts for the surgery. There are majorly three kinds of breast implant namely: revision, augmentation and reconstruction.

All the three kinds of surgery vary from one another in their application. While augmentation is just a cosmetic surgery, the reconstruction deals with medical treatment of the breast for women who suffer from problems like cancer.

No matter what kind of surgery you are opting for, it is important for you to know some of the most important facts about breast surgery so that you don’t repent about your decision in the future. Some of the most important facts about breast surgery are below:

things you must know before breast implant

Location is important

When we talk about breast implant, very few of the women are aware of the fact that the implant takes place from various locations in the breast. The implants can take place from above the pectoralis muscle or from below it. Although the choice is made by your doctor but it is still important for you to know.

Determining the Implant Size

There is no standard size for the breast implant and it varies hugely from customer to customer. The implant size is measured in cc’s and it can start from 120 cc and range up to 850 cc. It is often very difficult to determine the implant size by the patients as they think in terms of bra size rather than ccs.

However the doctor comes for the patient’s rescue in such situations. The factors determining the implant size can be the body composition and personal wishes.

Silicone or Saline?

The procedure of breast implant can take place via both silicone and saline bags. Choosing one among them is quite difficult as both have been accredited by FDA and you can be assured for their safety. However when compared to saline, silicon is more popular in the market and preferred by women because of its natural touch and feel.

There is also a high chance for the saline implant to deflate easily after certain time period. There is no such case with silicon which is why it is highly preferred.


Breast implant is after all a surgery and when you use the term surgery, there is always huge amount of risks involved in the same. Although you will be able to do everything that you would have done with your natural breasts but still there is a chance of complexity.

Research is very important before you opt for breast implant to know everything beforehand! Thus, read the above mentioned points well before you make your choices about enhancing your breast shape and size.

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