The abortion pill has an over 95% success rate; medical abortion is generally considered very effective.

However the abortion pill is not without its share of possibility of complications and in the event it does not work, the pregnancy would have to be terminated by a surgical or aspiration abortion.

If the abortion pill does not work and the pregnancy is not terminated then there are chances that this could have a very adverse effect on the surviving fetus.pill

The likelihood of the pregnancy culminating in a healthy child are very slim; the fetus is likely to be severely deformed if the abortion was partial or incomplete; that is to say that part of the pregnancy was still left in the uterus.

The woman could also be put at risk of certain complications that could arise from the abortion pill: there could be an allergic reaction to the pill; there are chances (however slim) of infection. There could be heavy bleeding following a pregnancy terminated by the pill. And there could still be the chance that there is an undetected ectopic pregnancy.

In very rare cases serious complications could result in a fatality but the risk of an abortion pill causing death are far less than fatality resulting from childbirth.


  1. well i had a pill termination on 14/01/2010. I wont say you get contractions its just like a period pain. I was 6 weeks. I want to know how sucsessful is the pill? Cause after 4hrs from take the 2nd pill viginally i misscaried, well thats what the doc said. I passed out really thick clots. So please some advice will help.

  2. my girlfriend has taken abortion pills. there was a normal bleeding. we performed hcg pregnency test 7 times. every time it was negative. now after 3 and half month her lower abdomen is growing and her breasts are painfull. is she pregnent?

  3. Amit, you did not mention whether your girl friend is getting her periods from the last 3 months. If she is not getting her periods from the last 3 months, it can be suspected as pregnancy. If she is getting her periods regularly, then other issues might be there. It is better to consult the doctor for the confirmation if that is a pregnancy or any other problem.

  4. i just had an abortion through medication and have been bleeding for almost 2 weeks now,though the flow has been very it normal?how do i ensure/check if d abortion has been successful without visiting a doc

  5. I missed my period by six days. We had sex on 10th/11th day from my period.I m not sure as i m pregnant or not? I don want to go for surgical abortion as I had one on 10th sep2009.can i go for abortion pill? Plz advice

  6. abortion is an emergency procedure people like maya really need to stop using abortions as birth control!!! you are killing a baby. if you dont already have a child oh wait till you do. thats when you will yourself suffer!

  7. i took the abortion pill but it didnt seem to work i didnt bleed at all, but i also been throwing up alot is it possible that i am still pregnant and my baby will be fine?

  8. Hi,

    I missed my periods by almost 20 days now and We had sex on 7/8th after my last Period. example my last period on April 1 and we had sex on April 7 and April 8. We also used the safety. I am not sure why I am not having my periods. Should I go for the Abortion pill if I find myself as Preg. by testing? Is the Abortion pill available over the counter and I can go and ask the person from Medical store to give it to me? plz ans its important as I just dont want to be pregnent

  9. i had my last periods on march/ 12 /2010,me and my boyfriend done on 18th march and 1st of april 2010,i didnt have periods for two months that is april 12th and may 12th,i have done my HCG test twice one band is darker and another one is lighter,i think i am pergnant, can i have abortion through pills,pls i need your advice

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