The people interested in the risk factors of bladder cancer should know that in about 40% of the cases the problem is caused by environmental and lifestyle factors. Naturally we also have to take into consideration the possible medical conditions, family history, hormonal factors, and nutritional factors.

Risk Factors of Bladder CancerTobacco

Smoking is one of the causes of bladder cancer that can be prevented in 100% of the cases. The people around 35 and over have 2-3 times higher chances of being affected than their non-smoking counterparts.

According to one of the studies in the field, the children who grew up in a smoking environment had 40% higher chances of being affected.

Occupational Exposure

In case you are thinking about the causes of bladder cancer you also have to think about the chemicals that surround you while working. The aromatic amines, especially benzidine, are known to cause cancer. Exposure to PAH or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is another risk factor.

Medical Conditions

When thinking about the risk factors of bladder cancer it is good to know that, although it is rare, it is possible to be affected by cancer due to irradiation to the pelvic region. If women had cervical cancer and they were treated with radiation therapy, they have increased chances of getting bladder cancer too.

Hormonal Factors

If you are interested in the bladder cancer causes keep in mind that the women undergoing menopause have higher chances of getting cancer. In the same time the women who had bilateral oophorectomy also have higher chances of being affected.

Family History

According to the studies conducted in the field of risk factors of bladder cancer the people who have first degree relatives who were affected by the problem have 2-6 times higher chances of having medical problems of this kind. The risks are even higher if the relatives were diagnosed before the age of 45.

Drinks and Foods

It is interesting to know about the bladder cancer possible causes that consuming a lot of fruits could diminish the chances of being affected. One of the studies suggests that a higher soya intake may also result in decreased chances of being affected. However, the associations aren’t fully understood by the specialists.

There is a lot you should know about the risk factors of bladder cancer, but the truth is that sometimes there is nothing you could do to avoid them.