The Abortion pill must firstly be distinguished from the morning after pill in that the abortion pill terminates a confirmed pregnancy, while the morning after pill is a form of contraception that aims to prevent a pregnancy.

The Abortion pill is also known as Medical abortion; wherein drugs are used as a method of non surgical inducement of abortion. It is important to understand the conditions wherein use of the abortion pill, also known as an Abortifacient, should not be taken if:headache

  • Your pregnancy is advanced beyond two months
  • You are anemic
  • You suffer from cardiovascular disease
  • You have severe liver, respiratory or renal problems
  • You have chronic adrenal failure
  • You are HIV+
  • You are a heavy smoker
  • You have an ectopic pregnancy
  • You have been a long time user of aspirin, steroids or antidepressants the abortion pill may not be safe to take

The after effect of taking the abortion pill may vary from person to person, but can include heavy to very heavy bleeding, nausea, headache, diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting. The abortion pill may be more painful than surgical abortion.

Future Fertility can be adversely affected if complications such as injury to the cervix or fallopian tube arise during abortion. Taking the abortion pill is not without its complications and if an alternative is available it should be used.