Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced by people now days. No matter it’s a man or woman, everyone is looking for ways in which they can reduce their weight. Exercise might be the best choice but it becomes very difficult to struggle in gym after a long day’s work. Thus the best option in front of a person is dieting.

Dieting is a feasible option however there are several myths associated dieting. Some of the myths associated with dieting along with their realities are given below:

myths about dieting

1.  No Eating after 8 p.m

The reason that supports the myth says that when you eat your food late night, the body fails to burn those extra calories and they ultimately turn into fat. However the fact is that calories and your body is not aware of the time. However it is always recommended to take light snacks during night.

2. Pasta can make you Fat

It is a common myth that pasta contains carbohydrates which is converted into fat and stored in body. However the fact is that carbohydrates don’t make a person fat and is considered as an important part of your diet. If you eat pasta in moderate amount, it will not make your body fat.

3. Coffee helps in Weight Reduction

It is a popular myth that caffeine is an appetite suppressant and also helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the body. However the fact is that caffeine may suppress your diet for a short time period but it won’t be quite effective in losing weight.

4. Milk helps in Weight Reduction

It is popularly agreed that calcium in the milk breaks down the fat of the body and therefore helps in weight loss. Although various researches have been conducted to prove this theory but no such properties were found in dairy products.

5. Dieting is the Best Way to Lose Weight

People especially women rely on dieting to lose weight as they think of it as the best way to lose weight. However the fact is that diet can help you lose weight for only short time period and is not the best way to lose weight.

6. Protein and Carbs should be Eaten Separately

People think that protein and carbs taken separately has enzymes which can help in digestion. However there are no facts supporting this myth.

7. Weight can be Lost only by Cutting Down Calories Drastically

People who consider dieting as their weight loss technique some time tend to eat very less. They think that this will help them to lose weight quickly but it is not true.

8. Diet Foods are Beneficial

People think that taking diet food from the market will help them lower the weight. However artificial sweetening and low carb in these packed food doesn’t always mean low calorie.

9. Eating Fat Increases Weight

It is a very popular myth that eating fat can turn you even fatter. However it is important to realize that fat is not always bad for the body.

10. Eat Only when you Feel Hunger

Many researches have proved this wrong and states that spreading out your platter evenly throughout the day is the secret to successful weight-loss regime. Eating healthy food at regular intervals is the key to better nourishment. Skipping meals and eating when you feel the pang of hunger is definitely one of the leading causes of weight gain – rather eat uniformly and keep a tab on your calorie consumption.

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