The present day women are not only concerned about their home and children but also their health which is definitely something to appreciate about.  Multiple sources of information in today’s technologically advanced world have made all of us aware about various health issues as well as their solution. But on the flip side, these flooded information also leads to the birth of various misconceptions and myths related to health.  Thus to make you aware about the same, we have debunked the most common myths related to women health.


Myth:  Sex Drive in Women Decreases with Age

Fact:  As a women reaches towards her menopause, there is hormonal changes and misbalance in the body which may have an impact on the sex drive but it does not cause the sex drive to decrease forever or be permanent.  Proper medication and treatment can bring back the hormones in place and thus help women to regain their lost sex drive.  Besides hormones other factors like dryness in vagina and pain can also be a reason of decreased sex drive which can be regained by taking medication of the problem.

Myth: Menopause Causes Weight Gain in all Women

Fact:  There are various problems that women have to face during their menopause like hot flashes, mood swings and others which happen due to hormonal changes in the body. Many women also face problem of weight gain but considering it as a problem for all women is not true. The weight gain is caused during menopause since the balance between estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and other hormones gets disturbed.

Myth: Women is at their Sexual Peak at the Age of 30

Fact: The age when women reach their sexual peak may vary from one to another. As compared to younger women, the one who reaches their 30s are more comfortable with their body and hence may be more satisfied with their sex life at this age. Though the sexual desires keeps changing at different life stages in life.

Myth: Ovarian Cancer can be Detected through Pap Smear Test

Fact: Though Pap smear may help to detect the existence of ovarian cancer but it cannot be considered as the sure shot and reliable way.  There is no specific test or screening that can be done to diagnose the problem and one can only watch out for symptoms like family history, urinary urgency, bloating pain in pelvic or abdominal region and others.

Myth: Breast Cancer Happens only After the Age of 40

Fact: Though it has been seen that majority of the breast cancer cases happen with women who are older than 40 years of age but it is also a fact that it can occur even in younger women.  Thus it is necessary for women to take precautions and get thorough checkup for any symptoms and especially if there is any family history of the cancer.

Myth: Pregnant Women Needs to Eat for Two

Fact: Though it is a fact that pregnant women needs to consume about 300 more calories per day but not for two people. Consuming excess calories will not only lead to excess weight gain but other health issues during pregnancy as well.

Thus we can say that it is not necessary for conventional wisdom to be always right. Search for the facts whenever you have any doubts regarding your health.