Menstrual sex or having sexual intercourse during sex is shrouded in a lot of fiction as against fact and this is colored largely by people’s perceptions about hygiene, the societal norms that they hold important and even religious beliefs may dictate the actions of many. Some of the frequently asked questions about menstrual sex are:

Is menstrual sex safe? For the most part, sex during the menstrual period is quite safe and healthy; however the risk of certain infections increases during this time. Also, menstrual blood will carry the bacteria or virus that the woman hosts.pain

Many women experience Herpes outbreaks during their periods which make them more infective. Also, there is some research to demonstrate that chances of developing endometriosis increases due to having sex during menstruation.

Can one get pregnant by having menstrual sex? The answer to this is usually in the negative, because this is a highly unlikely scenario. But, one cannot rule out getting pregnant even with menstrual sex because the sperm stays alive for a few days and if the woman ovulates within a few days after or before her period, there are chances of her falling pregnant. Having sex even five to six days before ovulation can possibly lead to a pregnancy even if chances are not very high.

Could menstrual sex help in any way? There is a belief that having sex during the period can help lessen menstrual pain and there is something in that theory.

When a woman has an orgasm, her uterus contracts and this also helps in expelling the contents of the uterus faster so that a woman’s period ends sooner after having hand menstrual sex.

What can be used to avoid making a mess in menstrual sex? Many couples use a diaphragm of a cervical cap during intercourse to help keep safe from a possible pregnancy.

This will also do the job of containing the blood for a time. It is important, however not to use these devices as regular sanitary protection during menstruation since they are not the same as menstrual cups.

Since there is an increased risk of certain infections, menstrual sex is fine so long as one uses protection of a condom or similar during menstrual sex.

For the most part it may be issues such as ‘being grossed out’ or personal beliefs and perceptions that may trouble one or perhaps the thought of creating a mess, so if a couple is OK with it, there is no reason why menstrual sex should not be indulged in while using protection.


  1. The Instead Softcup, another type of menstrual cup, can also be worn during intercourse for “clean” sex. It is worn internally, around the cervix, so it can be worn safely and comfortably for 12 hours during any activity including sex. Thanks!

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