Since the ancient times, there have been serious progresses and researches to understand female body parts. Female anatomy is considered as the mystery house because of the hidden facts it has. The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University has clearly stated that only 26% of the females are aware about their body parts on the whole, while the rest are living in some dark world.

Since most parts of the human body are located in the internal region, it gets complicated to understand the functions. Given below are some of the interesting facts about female anatomy.

female anatomy

  • The female’s body is considered to be incredible! When a baby girl is born, she takes birth with about 400,000 immature eggs that are called as ova or ovaries.
  • The vaginal part of the female anatomy has similar composition as that of a shark. Vagina consists of natural vaginal lubricant, which has basic components such as mucus, sweat, sebum, uric acid, alcohols, ketones etc. These compounds are not only exclusive to female’s body but are also found in shark’s lever.
  • While most of the men hear from the left side of their brain, women are capable of hearing from both sides of their brain. The left side of the brain is meant for listening and speech, while the right side is for creativity and expressiveness. This is why females are said to be more expressive and creative as compared to males.
  • Since there are a lot of hormonal changes taking place inside a female, the loss of collagen takes place at a very early phase of life. Due to the loss of collagen from a female’s skin, there are a lot of epidermal challenges that a female faces.
  • The clitoris that is located in the reproductive region has approximately 8000 nerve endings. These endings are more than any other nerve endings present in the females.
  • The clitoris found in females is just similar to the male’s penis. Just like penis, clitoris has sufficient glans, clitoris hood and even a shaft. The distance between the female’s vagina and her clitoris clearly determines her ability to pull orgasms.
  • The clitoris in a female’s body grows all her age long. Even after a women has gone through her menopause, the clitoris will continue to grow. The clitoris becomes nearly 2.5 times larger than it was in her teenage life.
  • A female can only view a part of her clitoris. The actual size of the clitoris is close to 4 inches in length. The naked eyes can see clitoris partly because three fourth of it is hidden inside her reproductive organs.
  • Females have a wonderful precocious nose and are more adept to understand smell and scents. The women in her early 30’s have extra ordinary abilities to detect familiar odors.
  • There are some biological factors that make a woman cry nearly 5.3 times a month. The tear glands that are present in the cellular parts of the female anatomy are different as compared to those of males.

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