Fibroid pain is very common complaint amongst women especially during the period of their reproductive years. Study shows that near about 30% of women suffer from fibroid pain at some point of their lives. Depending on the individual’s health, range of fibroid pain varies from mild to chronic. Severity of fibroid pain, woman’s health and age decide the pattern of treatment. Though in some cases this pain can be inhibited with alternative pain reliever but in other severe cases the sufferer need surgery to get rid out of the pain.

ways to deal with fibroid painTreatments Suggested for Fibroid Pain

Pain Medication

Those who are suffering with mild symptoms of fibroid pain can get rid out of it with the help of counter pain reliever such as Tylenol, Aspirin and Advil and so on. You can also apply heated pad on the painful areas of your body to get relief from the pain. If these suggestions seem not to be beneficial for you then consultation with doctor would be preferable.

Natural Pain Relief

Various alternative therapies are available for women to get relief from the fibroid pain. Hypnosis, acupuncture, different herbal medicines can assist you to get relief from the pain. The results of using these means for relief may vary depending on the age and health of the woman.

Stress Reduction

Through the process of breathing exercises and meditation the person who is suffering from fibroid pain can reduce stress as it has been proved that stress and anxiety may increase the level of pain.

Hormone Therapy

Another procedure to get rid out of fibroid pain is the process of hormone therapy. Make sure to consult a specialist physician before you go ahead with hormone therapy as it requires a complete check up of the overall health.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

In this process to shrink the fibroid, a catheter would be inserted into the femoral artery by creating a small incision in your thigh so that the blood supply to the fibroid can be either stopped or controlled. You must know that this procedure to relief your fibroid pain has gained huge success in medical arena.

Insertion of Myoma

Just alike the previous one, affine tube will be inserted in the artery to supply the myoma into your body. The next step is insertion of gel or tiny plastic particles to the artery to block the flow of blood circulation to the myoma. The result is that the myoma gets shrink down. According to medical research though the re-growth rate is low, but studies in long term is required for better succession.

Removing the Fibroid without Hampering the Uterus

If fibroid pain is really hampering your daily life then you can remove from your body to have life long relief from it. You need to remember that in this process your uterus pat of the body would not get hampered. Hence if you want to conceive after the surgery then your path will remain open for it. Three processes are there through which you can remove the fibroid.

  • Surgical removal in which fibroid will be removed by an abdominal incision.
  • Laparoscopic process in which several small incision will be made in your abdominal part to remove the fibroid.
  • Hysteroscopic procedure will involve the usage of electrical current to cut down the fibroid vaginally.