Oftentimes a woman’s panicked response to any changes in her menstrual cycle is that they are due to pregnancy, however one of several physical as well as psychological stress factors will bring about changes in the menstrual cycle:

  • If you have recently had a major change in your life such as moving to a new city or country that could be high stressful, both at a physical as well as on the mental level. Relocating to a new job could also be very stressful. A relationship breakdown could also be highly stressful.
  • If you have recently begun to take a new medication, that could well impact your menstrual cycle.stress
  • If you have recently begun to be sexually active, that could impact your cycle; one doesn’t have to fear that it could only be pregnancy! It could be something as simple as the stress brought on by the fear of pregnancy.
  • If there has been a significant break in routine, a major change in diet or a new exercise regimen, these could be factors that affect the cycle.
  • Newly pubescent girls could experience irregular menstrual cycles before their system has had a chance to settle down and assume a regular, predictable course. The first few periods can be very heavy and last up to a couple of weeks, but may then taper off to a more regular 5 day routine over time, which can take up to three years.