Bones are the living tissues that are present inside the body  just like the muscles. During a person’s lifetime, the body has the inbuilt functions of constantly breaking down the old bones and forming the new ones. But some people suffer from the problem of bone loss, also called as Osteoporosis.

Bone loss in women is caused when the bones become extra weak and fragile and hence porous. Porous bones are more likely to break. In most of the women, bone loss is a serious disease that occurs mainly in wrist, spine and hip area. Given below are some of the conditions that cause bone loss in women.

bone loss in women causes and conditions

Diabetes Mellitus

The women who suffer from Type 1 diabetes are diagnosed with the problem of bone loss. Since the patients suffering from type 1 diabetes have a low bone turnover, the bone formation takes place at a negligible rate and hence there is a complete bone loss. Just as with steroids, women suffering from diabetes have a very high blood sugar level, which restricts the process of bone formation. This is the reason why women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are more prone to have fractures and bone dislocations.


Arthritis is another hazardous condition that causes bone loss in women. In such type of disease, the body starts attacking its own healthy cells and therefore the growth of the bones stop. The women who suffer from the problem of arthritis face the problem of bone loss because the bone building cells are destroyed by the intake of steroids.


When the thyroid gland in the women’s body becomes hyperactive, it starts producing a lot of thyroid hormone. This situation is called as hyperthyroidism, which is another major cause of bone loss in women. The ladies who suffer from the problem of hyperthyroidism have an increased number of bone remodeling cells. This means that the number of bones you lose becomes greater than the ones that are formed. There is an overall decrease in the bone mass from the women’s body.

Celiac Disease

Another condition that results in bone loss in women is celiac disease. Celiac disease is characterized by an allergy towards gluten that is found in wheat and wheat products. Since the intake of wheat products will decrease in a women’s diet, she will automatically face the problems of bone loss and reduced bone mass.


Asthma alone is not responsible for causing the problem of bone loss in women, but the medications that are used to treat asthma are really destructive for the bone formation. Corticosteroids are used for the cure of asthma, which is a bone destructing compound.

Multiple Sclerosis

Like asthma, the people suffering from sclerosis are more prone to have the problem of bone loss. The medicines and drugs that are prescribed for the cure of asthma and multiple sclerosis are very harmful for the bone cells to grow. The women suffering from the condition of sclerosis face difficulty in walking and maintaining posture.