The Healthy Imagination blog posed this interesting question; Do women make better doctors than men? The question was once asked earlier in a New York Times article which spoke of a female doctor being told by her male patient that he preferred to consult with lady doctors who are more mother like and tend to spend more time with their patients.

female doctorThis preference that many have for women doctors is based on a gender differentiation among male and female doctors that continues in spite of the same training processes that are in step with male peers.

Studies have demonstrated that female doctors are more encouraging as well as reassuring.

Their process of decision making is more shared. Women doctors also ask more psychosocial questions than their male counterparts and they also spend as much as 10% more time with their patients.

It could also be that many women are more comfortable consulting with a female doctor when consulting in matters of gynecological problems or for obstetrics. However, it is surprising that male doctors are generally found to perform more empathetically in obstetrics and gynecology than women.

In general however it is seen that it is individual personality traits that determine doctor preferences rather than choices made based on gender.

Needless to say, nothing like avoiding a doctor (male or female) altogether through healthy diet and nutrition.