In the news these days, there is constantly some or other mention of advances made in stem cell technology and the myriad curative possibilities it opens up. Stem cell technology has also made it possible for women to get breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery using their own body tissue.

The procedure of stem cell breast augmentation is different from traditional breast implant surgery. It involves the removal of fat tissue from the thighs or stomach areas and then developing it in order those stem cells can be extracted from the fatty tissue.

The stem cells and the fat are then injected into the breast, not all at once but over time. This gradually increases the volume of the breasts.

Since these implants are the body’s own tissue, they stimulate blood flow inside the breast, and keep the area alive and healthy. Unlike other implants, stem cell inserts do not pose problems such as ruptures, leaks, infections or cysts that artificial implants are known to cause.

Though this technology is hailed as being a natural alternative to artificial implants, the augmentation may not be as dramatic or as noticeable as other implants. Also for a very thin woman, there may not be enough body fat present to harvest sufficient amount of stem cells.


  1. I am rather slim and I had a successful breast augmentation at Clinic DDr. Heinrich. Dr. Heinrich uses special very thin micro-cannulas which enable him to harvest enough fat even in most slim patients like me. I only wanted an increase of one cup size, which is what I have got.

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