The main point of the uterine biopsy is for your doctor to be able to take a small sample of the lining of the uterus. The sample will be analyzed under a microscope to find any abnormal cells. This is one of the ways for your doctor to recognize the problems.

Information about endometrial biopsy

During the procedure the doctor is able to check your hormone levels that have an effect on your endometrium. When it comes to the procedure, there are numerous different kinds of approaches that the doctor could be using. He or she could be using a pipette to suction a small section of the lining. This is a fast method associated with little pain.


Another way to perform the endometrial biopsy is to be using a curette that is a sharp object. The doctor will scrape a sample and remove it through suction or a syringe. The method is also known as D&C. This is usually done to deal with heavy periods. Also it may help to find the source of the bleeding.

Another option for the uterine biopsy is for the doctor to be using an electric suction device but this method could be quite painful. The last option is to spray a liquid jet to wash off tissues of the lining of the uterus. Before the washing the doctor could use a brush to remove the sample.

An endometrial biopsy could be performed in case it is difficult for a woman to get pregnant. During the procedure the doctor can check whether the lining of the uterus is able to support the pregnancy. Another reason of the procedure is to find the source of abnormal vaginal bleeding.

During the uterine biopsy the doctor could find cancerous cells or an overgrowth of the lining. In some cases the procedure is performed simultaneously with a hysteroscopy. This means that your doctor will look through a lighted tube to see your uterus.

Why is the procedure done?

In some cases the endometrial biopsy is done to look for cancer. For instance you may need to have the procedure in order to find the reasons of abnormal Pap test results. As it has been mentioned before, during the procedure your doctor may be looking for the cause of heavy periods.

Sometimes the uterine biopsy is done to find the source of vaginal bleeding in case of women who have gone through menopause. Another reason of the procedure is to see whether the lining goes through the normal changes of the menstrual cycle.

How to prepare for the procedure?

If you have to undergo an endometrial biopsy, then you should tell your doctor in case you think that you may be pregnant, because this is a procedure that isn’t usually performed on pregnant women. Also let your doctor know about the medication that you are taking.

uterine biopsy isn’t something that women should be afraid of, even more this is considered to be a routine procedure so the risks are low.