Trichomonas is a kind of a sexually transmitted infection which is caused by a protozoan parasite which is called ‘Trichomonas Vaginalis’. This is infact one of the most common STDs and this disease is also referred to as ‘Trick’. This is an infection which can also affect women during pregnancy due to a sexual intercourse. In women, Trichomonas causes an infection in the vagina which results in an unusual odour and also produces a yellow-green coloured frothy discharge as well.

Trichomonas treatment in pregnancyOne of the physical signs of this disease is an itchy feeling while urinating or having sex. It may also cause pain in some cases. There are several ways to treat this infection and the following given is the information about Trichomonas treatment in pregnancy:

  • To detect whether you are suffering from Trick or not, you may need to ask your doctor for help. A sample of vaginal discharge is placed on a glass slide and the protozoa can be seen moving under the microscope, in case of presence of infection. This is a quick test which is also known as ‘wet mount smear’. A swab test too can be done for the same purpose.
  • Trichomonas can be cured by taking a single dose of metronidazole which is also known as Flagyl. Some doctors might also suggest taking this dose of metronidazole again after 2 weeks to make sure that the infection has completely been rooted out.
  • To treat a pregnant woman from this infection, the woman’s partner also needs to get treated to make sure that the woman doesn’t get reinfected.
  • Both the partners must abstain from sex for atleast 24 hours after being treated.
  • Infact both the partners also need to abstain from consuming alcohol for 24 hours after being treated or given a dose of metronidazole.
  • If this disease is not treated during pregnancy time of a woman, then it may lead to several complications such as premature birth of the child, low birth rate and may even lead to HIV.
  • In case of women who are in the course of breastfeeding, they must stop breastfeeding during the course of the metronidazole treatment. Infact breastfeeding must also not be done for another 24 hours after taking the dosage. If a breastfeeding mother is on a treatment with tinidazole then breastfeeding must be stopped for 3 days after the dosage.

Before following any of these treatment methods, consultation of the doctor is recommended