Being a woman means having different challenges to stay healthy than men, and different health problems to watch out for.

This article set out 5 of the top tests that women should stay current with, in order to improve chances of early detection and treatment for a number of problems:

The Pap Smear: For cervical cancer, the key to recovery is early detection and getting a pap smear is the best way to detect this killer early on. Early detection means that you can detect this cancer at a treatable and curable stage.pap smear

The Mammogram: Regular breast self exams are of course a must. The shower is a good place and just at the end of the menstrual period is a good time. Again for breast cancer, early detection is the key.

Cholesterol Test: As we have said before, heart disease is the number one killer among women and in order to keep potential heart disease in check cholesterol levels are important to monitor.

Skin test: Abnormal skin spots and moles could be signs of skin cancer and should be periodically checked for.

Colonoscopy: Colon-rectal cancer is thought of as men’s cancer; however it is a major killer among women as well.

Get regular testing done; it may end up saving your life!