An Australian study found that weight loss surgery could result in certain collateral benefits and problems for people who undergo it – while for women it may mean the added benefit in lessening of urinary problems, for men it could mean a worsening of issues such as erection problems and so on.

weight loss surgeryLead researcher Dr. Weranja Ranasinghe of Austin Hospital in Melbourne reported to have found that women undergoing weight loss surgery noted improvements in urinary function and quality of life after their surgical procedure.

On the other hand the impact of the surgery on men seemed not to have any similar improvement in urinary function. In fact it was found that erectile function of the male participants of the study was slightly worsened.

It was seen that men who underwent other kinds of weight lost; i.e. non surgical weight loss tended to improve their sexual function.

It is often seen that people who are very obese typically suffer from problems such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence – in the study, about 645% of the female participants had urinary incontinence and 83% of the men had erection problems before then underwent the weight loss surgery.