Stomach stapling also known as bariatric surgery or gastric banding is recommended for severely obese individuals. The procedure is done by creating a gastric bypass to literally decrease the stomach space so that feeling of fullness by an individual may be achieved even with a small amount of food.

stomach staplingThis is, however creating concerns from parents whose children are obese but are contraindicated to have the procedure of stomach stapling.

The major reason for this is because of stomach stapling’s possible effect of stunting growth and development to the growing teenager.

One of the youngest patients who underwent stomach stapling is 14 years old Emrah Meysimier of Britain. Meysimier still opted to have the procedure done even if his mother who is the most obese woman in Britain died at the age of 40 a year after stomach stapling was done to her.

If you can recall it was Fem Brittton who caught the attention of obese patients after she had a successful stomach stapling and lost significant pounds in a very short period of time.

Her success story invited even the young teenagers to have it done; in fact the price for the procedure already doubled to as much as £32 million at a time when global crisis is a problem worldwide.

Previously also, no doctor would recommend stomach stapling to patients below 18, but later changed their minds probably for business gain.

Side Effects Of Stomach Stapling

Here are some side effects of stomach stapling due to which it is not recommended for teenagers:

Growth and development

Although studies show teenagers to have fewer complications than adults after having stomach stapling, no long term side effects have been recorded yet because the procedure is still very new.

More surgeries

Since teenagers are still growing and taking their body form. Losing weight fast may require further cosmetic and contouring surgeries.

Lifetime restriction

Restriction on food is not temporary; so a thorough pre-assessment and counseling should be done before the procedure is carried out on a very young patient.

Psychological effects

Since diet and nutrition is to be monitored after a stomach stapling procedure, teenagers may have a feeling of deprivation that can cause depression syndrome.

Other complications

Stomach stapling can cause bleeding incidences, infection, slippage of the staple or bands and blockage of the stomach outlet.

Stomach stapling may be a successful procedure for your weight loss, but it may not be so for your young children who need the benefit of a full healthy diet.

You should understand that stomach stapling should not be viewed as a quick fix for obesity because you have to seriously consider the long term physical, social, emotional and psychological effects it may have.