Going under a plastic surgeon’s knife could soon be a thing of the past for women who would like a bigger bust line.

Instead they could avail of the results of a study that shows that stem cells could be implanted successfully into the chest.

Currently all efforts in this area are concentrating on those who have had mastectomy after contracting breast cancer. Hopefully it will offer these women another option, other than implants for trying to get their lives back on track.stem cell

Similar techniques have been used very successfully in Japan where it has followed the same path. In the UK, Professor Kefah Mokbel is soon to start a trial of ten of his patients and is excited about these advances in breast surgery.

Although the treatment may not create the massive increase that some women might prefer, the procedure is much more natural and likely to be permanent rather than having to be redone after a period of time.

Mokbel says that an implant is an alien object to the body and there are many drawbacks including leakage and adverse reactions.

Stem cells are taken from fatty areas around the thigh or stomach and then combined with other fatty substances. It is then injected directly into the breast region where after a number of months the required shape and size are achieved.

Other professionals are more cautious and believe that more research will be needed and the deft hand of surgery is no longer required. On the contrary Mokbel is convinced that after only twenty or so studies, the procedure should be made available.