If you are thinking about the side effects of photodynamic therapy you should know that this kind of therapy uses red laser light and a photosensitizing agent to kill the cancerous cells. The method is used against severe cancer cases and for severe acne.

Information about the photodynamic therapy side effects

Side-Effects-of-Photodynamic-TherapyIf you happen to have esophageal, lung or gastric cancer, the doctors will inject the photosensitizing agent and later an endoscope will be inserted through which a laser releases light onto the affected organ. In case of acne or skin cancer, there is a special cream applied that makes the cancer cells more sensitive.

Internal cancer

When using this kind of treatment, one of the negative effects of photodynamic therapy is the inflammation and swelling of the esophagus. Chest discomfort, constipation, nausea and fever are also common. The doctors can control these side effects with pain killers and other kinds of medications.

It is also possible to experience other side effects of photodynamic therapy like being sensitive to light. This usually lasts for a few weeks. In this case you shouldn’t be exposed to bright light because you could experience swelling, sunburn or eye irritation. However you are allowed to go outside after sunset or early in the morning.

Skin cancer

Just as in the previous case, the photodynamic therapy negative effects involve photosensitivity in this case as well, but the discomfort lasts for only a day or two. The patients just have to be patient and avoid bright sunlight or artificial light for a few days. It is also important not to wash the treated skin surface for at least 36 hours.

If you experience the side effects of photodynamic therapy, you must give your skin time to heal. It is possible that during therapy you will feel a burning sensation on your skin. You can make this better by using water spray or a cooling fan. Pain medication may also work or the area could be numbed.

Acne treatment

In order to avoid the adverse effects of photodynamic therapy you should make sure that your skin isn’t exposed to sunlight for 48 hours. It is best to have the treatment if you can leave the facility after sunset. The side effects in this case involve light flaking and mild pinkness.

Before agreeing to this therapy option, you should find out more about the side effects of photodynamic therapy so that you will be prepared.