Removing genital warts, a very painful procedure normally, has become painless and easy now thanks to the advent of laser surgery. This can be done in a doctor’s office or chamber, with or without general anesthesia as the case may necessitate. Local anesthesia is always used if general is not, but this also depends on the nature of the wart or warts to be removed and the vulnerability of the area concerned.

Side Effects of Laser Genital Wart Removal

The recovery period after surgery is around 2 to 6 weeks though it can vary from person to person. Along with benefits, the laser genital wart removal side effects are also there. . For both men and women, any abnormal signs after the laser surgery must be reported to the doctor immediately.

Side Effects and Precautions After Surgery

  • The side effects which must be reported to a doctor immediately include malodorous yellowish discharge, heavy bleeding from the site of the surgery, fever and severe pain.  These need to be reported and they indicate an infection post-surgery, which, if left untreated, can cause huge complications later.
  • Similarly, certain guidelines must be followed after the surgery and this includes abstinence from sexual intercourse till the time the soreness is gone or the area in question has healed completely. These precautions are usually explained by the doctor concerned as part of the pre and post operative counseling.
  • Bleeding from the genitals, impotency in the case of men, difficulty in urinating, skin inflammation, skin burning are some of the serious possible side effects of laser genital wart removal.
  • Some other side effects include oozing of the area from which the wart has been removed, reduced hair growth or bald patches in the genital area, soreness and disfiguration.
  • Certain other side effects may include things like itching and irritation in the area concerned, and discharge from the vagina or the penis and shedding of dead tissue.

Therefore there are many things to consider while opting for a laser surgery. Needless to say, laser surgery is also an expensive process and more so in the case of genital wart removal since the area in question is tender and vulnerable and needs more expertise. Extensive consultation with doctors regarding the pre and post operative landmines must be undertaken and the laser surgery should be undergone only with complete information.