Electroacupuncture treatment is a kind of an acupuncture technique in which small electrical currents are applied to the needles which have been inserted at certain points in the body. This technique originated in China and was meant for pain control. But this technique was used in clinical practice only after several years of testing it. This technique is not only used for relieving pain but is also used to heal several other health conditions as well.

It is also used as surgical anaesthesia to reduce the chronic pains and spasms of muscles. Electroacupuncture is also used for treating nerve related disorders as well. But the flip side to this technique is the fact that it has several side effects. The following is a list of some of the side effects of electroacupuncture:

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Minimal Side Effects

Some of the minimal and less harmful side effects or after effects of electroacupuncture have been listed below:

  • Due to the insertion of needles in the body, the patient might experience bleeding and bruising. This is a temporary side effect which subsides after a few days.
  • One might also experience pain at the site of incision and due to pain even nausea may be caused.
  • Another less serious side effect of electroacupuncture technique is the redness which results due to the needle pricking on the body.
  • The side effects of this treatment are less if it is done by a licensed or trained individual but in the case of an inexperienced professional, the risk of side effects is more.

Major Side Effects

Some more serious side effects of the acupuncture using electrical currents have been listed below:

  • In some cases, a person might experience needle shock due to the use of electricity in this treatment.
  • Lung puncture is another major side effect or electroacupuncture treatment and thus it is recommended that only certified individuals perform this technique.
  • Faintness may also be caused due to this treatment. This is a rare side effect but one to watch out for.
  • The cases of internal injury due to electroacupuncture are very rare but have been observed in a few cases.

Electroacupuncture is definitely a very beneficial treatment and finds its use in many fields and medical issues. But like all treatments, it too has a downside to it. If you are ready to accept the side effects it comes with, then you can consider this as a treatment.
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