When breast cancer is found in the body, a number of different treatments will often be used to fight the disease, depending on the stage which the cancer is in. One of the strongest forms of treatment may include radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy uses different types of radiation to attack the cancer cells in the body, hoping to either kill them or prevent them from growing.

External radiation therapy will use a machine outside of the body to send radiation toward the breast cancer. These are high-energy x-rays which will attack the cancer cells in the attempt to eradicate them from the body.radiation therapy

Internal radiation therapy will use radioactive substances and place it inside of the body, close to the cancer. These substances can be sealed into needles, catheters, or seeds that are injected directly into the body.

It will then give off the radiation directly next to the source of the breast cancer in an attempt to kill it.

The type of radiation treatment which is used will depend largely on how advanced the breast cancer in the body is. The further along it has developed, the less time there is to fight it and more aggressive treatments are a necessity.