The age at which American women should start pap test to detect cervical cancer should be raised, a British study told.

The recommended age at which a woman should first have a pap test was raised to 25 recently in England.

In the United States, however, women are told to get regular Pap smears within three years of their first sexual intercourse or at age 21, whichever comes first.

But changes are being considered by the U.S. organizations responsible for Pap test recommendations, said Debbie Saslow, director for breast and gynecological cancer at the American Cancer Society, one of those organizations.pap test

She said that the age for first testing should be raised to 21. “What we find is that screening is not very helpful in teenagers, even if we are finding cancer at an early age,” Saslow said.

Source: HealthDay


  1. Women health has become a big issue today because of the sudden rise of women related diseases. Just like in the case of cervical cancer. It is alarming today that this kind of cancer are infecting the women faster than any other cancer.

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