Endometriosis, which has been estimated to affect 10-15% of women of reproductive age, is a chronic gynaecological disease in which cells from the endometrium establish themselves outside the uterus, within a woman’s pelvic area.

Apart from laproscopy, an invasive surgical procedure, which often leads to pain and discomfort for years in women, until now there was no accurate way of diagnosing endometriosis, but recent studies found a quick and accurate way of identifying endometriosis.endometriosis

European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology reports that researchers at the University Of Sydney and Mutah University in Karak, Jordan, have found that if they take a biopsy of  small sample of endometrium by inserting a device via vagina and then test it further for presence of fibres. It was found that this particular procedure for diagnosing endometriosis is nearly 100% accurate.

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