Although there are natural breast augmentation methods, lot of people still think that this is only possible with the help of surgery.

The good news is that women can have larger breasts without getting any work done by a surgeon. There are several different methods to try.

Exercises and breast augmentation in the natural way

These are simple exercises that you could do on a daily basis. They help to develop muscle mass under the breast tissue. Although they don’t actually enlarge the breasts, by working with the pectoral muscles, they offer firm looking breasts. There are different kinds of exercises to try.

If you are looking for natural breast enlargement, you should consider regular exercises, such as push-ups, chest flys and chest presses.

Of course you can also throw in some regular breast stretches. This is a great method if you have saggy or droopy breasts.

Suction pumps or vacuum bras

Breast AugmentationWhen it comes to natural breast augmentation, you could use hi-tech equipment as well. When using such bras you should have them on for at least 10 hours per day for ten weeks.

The main point of the method is for the cells to be under higher pressure. As a result they will grow larger. It is said that you could grow ½ a cup size.

The advantage of this kind of breast enlargement in a natural way is that there are no side effects, it’s not invasive and there will be visible results.

The downside is that it is expensive, uncomfortable, you could have stretch marks or rashes, it acts slowly and you could have some visible lines in the end.

Creams and lotions

This natural breast augmentation works by massaging the creams and lotions right on the breasts. In the majority of the cases they come with plant and herbal extracts and moisturizers like vitamin E. The good thing about them is that they make the skin firm and they also reduce the stretch marks.

The advantage of this kind of natural breast enhancement is that the creams are fun to use and they come with low risks and low costs. On the other hand the results are minimal and you have to massage the breasts on a daily basis. But, on the bright side, at least you massage them.

Breast enhancement pills

These are special pills or capsules for natural breast augmentation that are supposed to contain fennel seeds, fenugreek, saw palmetto and wild yam. These were used for centuries by different cultures for breast enlargement. The active agents are said to increase estrogen production, thus enlarging the breasts.

The good thing about this kind of breast enhancement in a natural way is that it makes the PMS and menopause symptoms better, you could get the desired results and its use is convenient.

On the other hand it is possible for this natural breast augmentation to have some side effects and the results may take some time to appear.