As with all kinds of cancer, the best chance that anyone has of survival and cure is early detection. Only if the cancer is detected early is there a good chance of recovery; and this is most true in the case of breast cancer, among the most common cancers in the world.

One of the best tools for detecting a breast cancer early on is to perform mammograms at and from the prescribed age onwards because a breast cancer is asymptomatic for years and it should be detected before symptoms actually appear; by which time it may have advanced considerably.mammogram

A mammogram is basically performed on the woman’s breasts using X rays that are low-dose amplitude, which help in diagnosing and screening breast cancer.

It is generally advisable for women to get their first mammogram performed at age 35 and in the event that a woman has a family history of cancer, then that age should be earlier.

After the first mammogram at age 35, the next one should be at age 40 when it should be performed every other year. After age 50, it should be undergone every year. This is an expense worth incurring if not covered by your insurance.