Infertility is a major issue being faced by couples all over the world. Whether it is due to their changed lifestyle or a general deterioration in the environment, there is a considerable increase in cases of infertility reported now than, say a couple of decades ago.

Infertility also brings with it, a few side effects and many times, treating these could solve the main problem. One such solution is, Laparoscopy for Infertility side effects.

Laparoscopy for Infertility Side Effects


It is believed that one of the menstrual tissue related problems caused during the menstrual cycle, leads to a situation called Endometriosis, although the precise reason for this is still not established. The common understanding is that the menstrual tissue moves in the reverse direction through the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic region where it gets stuck and grows.

Endometriosis is usually reported in women who face difficulties in getting pregnant. The scar tissue due to endometriosis might have resulted in a blockage of the Fallopian tubes in some of these women.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Pain during periods, while having sex, pelvic pain during the menstrual cycle and back pain are some of the symptoms associated with Endometriosis. It could pose some problem while trying to diagnose since even a physical examination and an ultra-sound test might not provide a confirmation of the existence of Endometriosis.


Laparoscopy, under such circumstances is the best way to detect and treat Endometriosis. Laparoscopy or key-hole surgery is where a small telescopic instrument is passed through a tiny incision in the abdomen and helps in diagnosis and also to show how severe the endometriosis is. This will also prove useful for the doctor to plan the best treatment. A pathological analysis called ‘biopsy’ shall be done to confirm if the diagnosis is correct, so that Endometriosis is not confused with any other condition.

Once the doctors determine the exact location, the size and severity of the Endometriosis and the biopsy as mentioned above is done, the treatment can be carried out to remove the growth either by burning through a laser or cutting it out surgically. Like any surgery of this nature, laparoscopy for infertility side effects also has its risks attached. These include bleeding, infection in the bladder or uterus or in very rare cases, can lead to death.

Infertility amongst couples is still a problem not fully solved medically. It has many side effects as well. Laparoscopy can be effectively used to treat one of the side effects, Endometriosis.

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