Last year, the entire world was threatened by the influenza A (H1N1) virus, a form of flu that took the lives of many. Scientists and pharmaceutical companies were at each other’s neck at finding a vaccine.

Nowadays, people have become more aware of getting themselves protected to all kinds of flu by getting vaccinated.  Well, if you are one of those worried of catching the virus, here are some tips on where to get flu shots for you and your family.

1. Doctors

As health conscious individuals, we should know where to get flu shots in the most convenient way. Most family doctors have available flu vaccines. Check with yours and get that shot right away in his clinic.

2. Department of Health

Everybody knows that the local health department is one place to get flu shots. Perhaps, the health department is just a few minutes ride away from where you live. Do not waste more time looking for other places on where to get flu shots when it is just around the corner.

3. Pharmacies

These are one of those places to get flu shots. They are readily available and may be purchased at any time. So, if you are doing that last minute grocery, a drop at the nearby drugstore will not hurt if you are on the look on where to get flu shots.

4. Companies

Some companies offer flu shots for their employees too. In which case, the office could be one of the most convenient places to get flu shots. Simply ask your Human Resource Department and they will be just as glad to accommodate you.

5. Newspaper

The local paper’s classified ads section does not only provide readers with a list of job vacancies but many other things as well. Who knows, it also has a listing of where to get flu shots within the locality.

Going through it will not take a long time but if it can help you on where to get flu shots, then it is always worth the effort.

6. Clinics

Have you ever heard of a clinic flu locator? Well, if you are weighing your options on where to get flu shots, then you are just one click away. The American Lung Association has an online list of all clinics that provide flu vaccines.

By checking on the internet, through the clinic flu locator, one will be directed to the nearest clinic to get flu shots. Now, isn’t that quick, easy and convenient? Let your mouse do the searching.

7. Ask around

Perhaps, the most conventional yet trusted and reliable information is through word of mouth.  Ask around from people beside you on where to get flu shots.

You may not know it but your neighbors, friends and officemates have more than enough information you can ever imagine.  More importantly, it does not hurt to ask. After all, it is different getting the information from someone who has been there.

Every year, many people acquire flu because the virus spreads easily. Other than getting that much needed flu shots, it will help if one follows a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough rest and sleep, drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables are ways wherein one can protect himself from getting infected. Well, these will keep you from worrying on where to get flu shots.