The demand for cosmetic surgery does not seem to be decreasing despite the economic recession.

Breast enlargement procedures have over shadowed liposuction as more women are dissatisfied with their bodies after child birth and rearing their off spring.

While the problem of excess fat can be tackled by a visit to the local gym, firmer breasts need a surgeon’s knife. The number of procedures performed on sagging breasts fell by only 11 % compared with 22 % of fat removal surgeries.cosmetic surgery

The value of all procedures in the United States, including both men and women fell to 11.8 billion dollars a smaller drop that was widely anticipated.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery announced these figures recently and said that a down turn was inevitable in the current climate but anti ageing procedures would always be in demand.

Surprisingly the biggest increase came in hair transplant surgery, up by ten per cent. More men are seeking a pert behind a huge increase of nearly 35%. Interestingly, for women, the popularity of this procedure dropped by about the same amount.

A very competitive employment market is seen as a keen factor for many procedures still being in demand and explains why people are still prepared to pay a lot of money to look their very best. Botox for example costs on average 450 dollars with regular follow up treatment to retain the achieved look.

The society has more than two thousand members, who are all certified Plastic Surgeons, it seems like this non essential area of surgery will survive anything.


  1. well, plastic surgery has come a long way. If i had the finances to get it done then why not.

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