There are numerous different factors that the recovery time for hysterectomy depends on, including the general health status of the patient and the kind of procedure that we are talking about. Generally speaking the maximum time is eight weeks but the mechanics of the surgery has a word to say regarding this time span.

In case of abdominal hysterectomy recovery time there are needed six to eight weeks before the patient can return to the normal activities and work. If the hysterectomy is done with the help of a laparoscope than the time span gets a lot shorter. There are some procedures that make it possible for the hysterectomy recovery time to be of only 2 weeks.


In case of the total abdominal procedure the incision is made to the abdomen and it is of about 4-6 inches. This kind of procedure requires the patient to spend 3-6 days in the hospital and the recovery time for hysterectomy is of about 6 weeks.

If we are referring to vaginal hysterectomy than it is just natural for the incision to be made to the vagina and in this case you will have to spend 1-3 days in hospital, while the recovery time is of 4 weeks. There is also the laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy shortly known as LAVH.

In this case the incision is made to the navel or the vagina and the hospital stay and the hysterectomy recovery time are the same as in the previous case.

There is another option as well, known as laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy or LSH. During this procedure there are small incisions made in the abdomen or the navel area. At this moment small means less than a quarter of an inch and you will have to spend in hospital a day or even less, while the recovery time for hysterectomy is of about 6 days.


The data that has been presented refers to those cases when everything goes according to plan. Nonetheless we also have to consider the possibility of having certain complications that could make the hysterectomy recovery time even longer. The complications that could occur include minor problems, such as a urinary infection, or major complications, including an infected wound that takes about 3-4 months to treat.

In case there is an ovarian abscess then the recovery time for hysterectomy varies between 4 and 60 weeks. Late pulmonary embolus could also appear and to treat this takes about 6 months right after surgery. Although it sounds harmless, a small bowel obstruction could prolong the hysterectomy recovery time to 6 months or even 10 years.

It is also possible to have a vaginal vault prolapse and so the recovery time is of about 2 years. The vagina might have adhesions or abnormal scars and this could cause constant pain during intercourse.

As you can see the recovery time for hysterectomy varies according to many different factors and this is why the doctors aren’t able to give you a definite answer before the procedure.