There are a wide range of opinions when it comes to the subject of sexual health after you have a hysterectomy procedure.

A lot of women believe if they have a hysterectomy that their sex lives will never be the same again.

New research on the subject has confirmed that having a hysterectomy could make your sex life even better. It does not matter if your surgeon removes your cervix or not because this should not have any effect on your sex life.hysterectomy

The numbers of women who have a hysterectomy each year are numerous. Sometimes a hysterectomy will also include the removal of your ovaries and also your fallopian tubes.

Problems That Cause Hysterectomies

Fibroid tumors that have become a problem are one reason that your physician will recommend a hysterectomy. They will also recommend this type of surgery if you have heavy bleeding of the vagina that will not stop.

In the treatment of cancer of your female sexual organs a hysterectomy may be your only course of recovery.

Sometimes a hysterectomy may be unnecessary so it would be a good thing to get a second opinion just to make sure that this surgery is absolutely necessary.

Happier Woman

It is believed that you will feel a lot better after you have had a hysterectomy. The heavy bleeding that you were having has now stopped and you may feel like a new woman.

A possibility of you getting pregnant while having sex is no longer something that you have to worry about and the fact that these burdens have been lifted should help you to feel better about your sexual activity.

Not being in pain from the problems that you had before your hysterectomy should also help you to have an increase in your sexual desire.

Some Problems

There are some women who do feel different after a hysterectomy. You may have some problems having an orgasm or you might have the opposite response of a heightened feeling.

If you feel dryness when you are having sex you may want to use a lubricant that is made especially for this problem.

You will be able to find these lubricants at any pharmacy or department store. Your physician can prescribe you with a prescription for some estrogen and this should also help with your sexual health.

To have better sex you may want to try having sex in other positions if you feel uncomfortable in the position you have been using.


After a hysterectomy you might be feeling a little sad. This is probably because your time to give birth to children is now gone.

You may tie your hysterectomy to the thought process that if you do not have all of your female reproductive system then you are less of a woman. This could affect your sex life if left unchecked.

Talking to a professional counselor will help you to sort out your feelings of imperfection.

They will be able to help you to find out why you feel this way and once you find out, your life will be better and so will your sexual health.


  1. Women who experience uterine orgasm will not experience it after their uterus is removed. During hysterectomy the vagina is shortened, made into a closed pocket, sutured shut. This does not enhance intercourse, either. These losses permanent.

  2. I’m not sure what research you’re referring to, but Te Linde’s Operative Gynecology (the leading gynecology textbook) says the “latter extension” of the hypogastric plexus “contains the fibers that innervate the vestibular bulbs and clitoris” The hypogastric plexus must be severed to remove the uterus. Also, uterine orgasm isn’t possible without a uterus. So I guess some women aren’t able to have sex if they have very heavy bleeding or pain caused by fibroids, and they might enjoy sex more if the fibroids were gone, but a myomectomy will preserve the hypogastric plexus and the uterus. Would we also say that sex is sometimes improved for men after removing their sex organs?

  3. There is a video about female anatomy and the functions of the female organs that every woman and man should watch to understand where the female organs are, what their functions are, and what happens to a woman’s body when the female organs are removed. It’s a short video that you can watch free at

  4. i’m supposed to have a hysterectomy in 3 weeks. i am terrified because i don’t know what to expect. i am in so much pain, but don’t want my life to change.

  5. Hysterectomy is known to disturb nerve plexuses and anatomical relations in the pelvic region. The reason for opting for cervix removal is the presence of cancer in the left over cervical base. And the reason for retaining the cervix is better bowel and bladder function. So one should take a proper decision.

  6. Thank you ladies, I am just now coming out of the fog following my radical Hysterectomy. No other choices were left to me. Please excuse any sarcasm you might sense, but your words as I read them are the only thing so far that brought tears to my eyes.

  7. Debbie,

    I had a total hysterectomy 10 years ago. I have no cervix, uterus or ovaries. I too, was so worried about what sex would feel like. I was upset about the cervix removal. However, I still have a vagina. I also notice that way at the top of the vagina is a very pleasurable spot that he can hit that I never noticed before! It is a new spot to me and very pleasurable! Also, I still have very nice clitoral orgasms and my G spot still works too!
    It does take me longer to reach orgasm which is okay. My guy doesn’t mind me using “toys” to help me give myself a jump start for him! I never thought I would do anything kinky like that but I do and now I am glad!
    I do miss the thumping of the uterus and the pleasurable sensations of the cervix BUT all is not lost! LIke I said, I found a new spot, the clitoris still works well, the G spot is still great!
    Debbie, I do not want you to feel so sad. I was very sad for a long while. It did take me a long time to adjust.
    Sex changes for all of us as we age. The great sex we had in our 20’s, is not the same as what happens to us in out 60’s! I take estrogen-methyltestosterone to help me give my body the testosterone that is necessary for a good orgasm in the female. Talk to your dr. to see if this is a good choice for you. Also, KY Intense is supposed to be Cream is another warming gel that helps bring blood to the clitoris! ASLO, the eros medical devise is a devise (costly though $200.00) is supposed to help woman achieve better clitoral orgasms. I do not know if this devise works! Orgams has much to do with blood flow. Keeping in shape and excercizing might help more blood flow to ‘those special parts” which wil enhance orgams. Also, after I quit smoking, I have had better orgasms than I every though possible! They are not quite as intense as they were before my total hysterectomy but they are every bit satisfying! Please do not dipair! You are on a journey! I have also trod on that path! Best wishes for a happy and healthy sex life! I know you will find it as thousands and thousands
    have found! My best to you Debbie!

  8. My wife might have to have a full hysterectomy, and I was just wondering if she will fill different to me when we have sex. I have been to many different sites to try and find out but all I can find is women saying that it has changed there sex life, but what about the partners. Can someone plz help me out.

  9. I have had the total hysterectomy thing done about 12 yrs ago and to be honest I don’t remember ever having an orgasm in the first place! I love making love as it makes me feel all loved up and secure. That one to one contact is just as important for couples and I don’t feel any different towards my man. If anything I think he’s a bit reluctant as he thinks he gets all the pleasure.

    Don’t get me wrong if I could figure out how to give my self some relief I would and I must admit Debbies suggestion of estrogen-methyltestosterone is intriguing….feeling a bit dead down below doesn’t stop me looking for solutions!

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