For a long time now, the possible side effects of taking hormone therapy drugs have made them an unattractive option for women and here is further evidence to substantiate this – Landmark research conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative study has shown that women who used combination hormone replacement therapy (sold as Prempro by Pfizer Inc.) were seen to have a more advanced stage of breast cancer than other women who did not take the therapy.

hormone therapyIt was also seen that women who underwent the hormone therapy, had a slightly higher mortality rate or likelihood of dying from breast cancer when compared with other breast cancer sufferers who did not have the therapy.

These findings reinforce the earlier recommendations made that women who want to relieve menopause symptoms, ought to use the lowest doses of hormones for the shortest possible time.

According to Dr Judi Chervenak, an associate clinical professor of obstetrics-gynecology and women’s health at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, women should try and alleviate their menopause symptoms by making some lifestyle changes before opting for therapy.

The lifestyle changes that Dr Chervenak suggests are limiting caffeine intake, reducing stress by doing breathing exercises and yoga and doing other forms of exercise as well which can help women transition to menopause.