Bio identical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT is also called natural hormone therapy or bio identical hormone therapy. It refers to the usage of identical hormones with endogenous hormones.

Some of the hormones that are used in natural hormone therapy include estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, estriol and estrone. BHRT is looked upon as an alternative medicine and can cure diseases which recur after menopause such as osteoporosis.

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement TherapyBHRT is widely looked upon as an alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy and helps manage post menopausal symptoms.

The hormones that are used in the process are available over the counter and are not overlooked by the FDA. The hormones which are used are acquired from plants and not from equine urine.

A molecule identical to cholesterol and obtained from plants is used for synthetic production of hormones. This molecule is known as diosgenin and possesses the same molecular structure as the hormones which are produced in the human body.

Advantages of Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The advantages of BHRT outweigh the risks that are associated with the process. Bio identical hormones have been used in the treatment of menopausal, pre menopausal and peri menopausal women. It is seen that women who opt for bio identical hormone therapy experience less of side effects from the drugs than their counterparts who undergo traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Some of the after effects of BHRT are dizziness, mild fluid retention, headache, nausea and tenderness in the breast. The benefits of BHRT can be enumerated as follows:

Personalized Approach of Treatment: A lot of women opt for BHRT as it is a difference from the concept of a pill treating the ailment in all women. Those who go for BHRT can work with their doctor who takes a sample of your saliva and uses it to determine the mix of bio identical hormones that is appropriate for your body. The doctor then prepares a personalized blend that can be taken as a pill, suppository, cream or injection.

Management of Weight: A lot of women approaching menopause notice a slowing of their metabolism and this makes it tough for them to lose weight. For some, the traditional hormone replacement therapy may lead to additional putting on of weight. Those trying to lose weight will find that the hormones which are used in bio identical hormone replacement therapy increase your metabolism and promote reasonable weight loss.

Libido and Vaginal Dryness: Menopause is often associated with vaginal dryness which for a lot of women is incredibly uncomfortable and leads to a further damaging of their already low libido. According to a lot of women, bio identical hormone therapy may immensely decrease or totally eliminate the symptoms of vaginal dryness. BHRT not only makes vaginal dryness disappear, but leads to an increase in libido and sexual urge.

Enhanced Mental Performance: A lot of women who undergo menopause start experiencing severe depression. While in some women, the symptoms may be mild in the rest these are extremely pronounced. BHRT guards against the irregular hormone fluctuations which lead to anxiety and depression.

Menopause may also lead to lapses in memory and situations where you are not able to think appropriately. With this therapy, such symptoms are considerably reduced.

Associated Advantages

Some of the other advantages of bio identical hormone replacement therapy involve reduction of occurrence of hot flushes, night sweating, lesser fibrocystic breasts and enhanced blood circulation. According to certain researchers, BHRT also reduces chances of contracting osteoporosis, while even spurring fresh growth of bones.

It can be said that BHRT is proven as a medical program which naturally reverses and prevents the DNA damages which lead to aging. It restores the hormones which are produced in a youthful and healthy human body on optimum quantities to deter menopause, obesity, lapses in memory, andropause, sagging skin, wrinkles, problems of concentration, reduced libido, fatigue, loss of muscular tone and age spots among others.

With the help of bio identical hormone replacement therapy, immunity is enhanced, sexual energy increased, skin texture improved and the average life expectancy increased. You end up feeling years youthful. Before choosing BHRT, discuss the possibilities with your physician. All doctors may not believe in the therapy and often a second opinion is necessary.