Estrogen replacement therapy or ERT is a treatment through which the estrogen level in the body is increased. Estrogen is an important hormone which impacts various systems of the body.  Some ways of giving this therapy are through estrogen patch, vaginal ring or skin gel or cream.

estrogen replacement therapy

The estrogen contained in pills has to be processed by the liver before it makes an entry into the bloodstream. There are many advantages and benefits of estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) and the following will throw more light on the same:

  • Reduction in vasometer symptoms

Estrogen replacement therapy is a helpful treatment which helps in the reduction of vasometer symptoms.  The symptoms of vasometer are usually improved within a time period of 4 weeks.  The maximum benefits are gained within three months.

  • Improvement in quality of life

ERT is considered helpful in improving the overall quality of life by improving sleep, pains, muscles aches and even the overall moods of a woman.  This treatment decreases the depression symptoms too and is hence very beneficial.

  • Improvement in urogenital symptoms

It has been shown through many studies that ERT helps in improving vaginal dryness as well as sexual function.  It also improves the symptoms related to vaginal altrophy and cures the urinary frequency. Some other such effects are on bladder and urethral epithelium.  If estrogen is taken topically, then it can improve urinary symptoms in menopausal women.

  • Reduction in osteoporosis risk

Another benefit of estrogen replacement therapy is preserving bone mineral density and also helps in the reduction of osteoporosis in hip and the spine.  Those women who took ERT reported less cases of fractures but only with long term use.

  • Reduction in cardiovascular disease

Eventhough this benefit is controversial but certain studies have shown that women who started taking ERT showed reduced incidences of coronary or cardiovascular disease by around 50%.

  • Other benefits

There are many other benefits of estrogen replacement therapy and one of them is that this treatment has a protective effect against the connective tissue loss and has even shown to reverse the effect of this process. Infact ERT has also shown to provide improvement in cognition in women who started taking this treatment in early menopause.  There is possible reduction in the long term risk of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.  But one must make it a point to get consultation from an expert before opting for this treatment inspite of its many benefits.