With the amount of bad press that Hormone Replacement Therapy has recently received, being linked to heart disease and cancer and so on, many women would hesitate to even consider HRT as a viable option for treating menopause symptoms. However, there is an argument in favor of HRT which makes sense for particularly severe menopause symptoms when nothing else seems to work.

hormone replacement therapySome women, as in the case of Renee Hunter feel that HRT can be a life saver, as it was in fact the case for her.

Particularly, severe mood swings and extreme hot flashes had made life extremely difficult for the woman in her 30s. She even credits HRT with saving her marriage, deciding to stay on hormones to save her marriage.

Though there are serious health issues that are connected with HRT, the fact is that for severe menopause symptoms, there are really no alternatives.

Owing to this, many women who had stopped treatment have later resumed taking these pills because there has been no real or effective alternative that helps them overcome uncomfortable symptoms of menopause the way that HRT does.

So some experts do still hold the view that the benefits of HRT outweigh risks, provided the treatment is taken only for the shortest possible time.