Human papilloma virus is a dangerous infection which can cause cervical caner in women.

The only way to prevent this virus is having HPV test to be done, which can easily determine the presence of HPV virus in your body.

Generally women above 35 years of age are recommended to have HPV test.

How cervical cancer is related to HPV?

Human papilloma virus is a virus which is mainly responsible for the growth of abnormal cells on the surface of cervix.HPV Test

There are more than 100 different species of HPV virus in which about five strains mainly cause the cervical cancer.

These group of viruses infect your body and causes genital warts. The most common way of identifying the HPV infection is genital warts. These warts can be very small, depending on the severity of the infection.

Mostly these viruses are not active and long enough to cause the infection. On the other hand, if the HPV virus is of high risk type, then it can lead to cervical cancer by developing abnormal cells on the cervix.

HPV test shows better results than Pap Smear test

HPV test is more accurate and effective in determining the cervical cancer and other genital warts. It uses advanced technology in determining the presence of HPV virus in your body and easily detects the cervical cancer.

In recent study, it has been proved that Pap smear test is not as accurate as HPV test in determining the cervical cancer. The use of Pap test has considerably reduced by the occurrence of cervical cancers. In fact, one third of all cervical cancer results are due to the pap detection failure.

How can you protect yourself from HPV virus?

HPV virus is a contagious infection which can be transmitted through direct contact with the infected person. It doesn’t show any particular signs and symptoms till it turns into severe form.

Some of the necessary prevention tips are given here which protect your self from this dangerous virus.

  • The best way to avoid this viral infection is limiting the sexual contacts with multiple persons and regular check up with HPV test.
  • Avoid using things of other persons like clothes, towels etc.
  • Maintain good diet and drink lots of water. This can improve your immune system and helps your body to fight against all of such dangerous viruses.
  • Daily exercise is also helpful in keeping your body to build its own immune system and keeps your body healthy and fit.