Endometriosis is associated with poor functioning of your liver. In order to treat the condition, you will find various endometriosis natural treatment methods, which have the potential to cure and prevent from recurrence rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

Endometriosis natural treatments:

Acupuncture as endometriosis natural treatment:

Acupuncture treatment is mainly based on acupuncture points. The acupuncture points which are commonly used in treating endometriosis symptoms can be located on the abdomen, legs, feet, back and ears. Usually the needles are retained for 20-45 minutes.Endometriosis natural treatments

The endometriosis natural treatment with acupuncture mainly needs a commitment of enough time to rebalance your body’s systems.

Chinese herbalism as endometriosis natural treatment:

This is the major part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) system. Herbs promote tissue healing through a blend of effects. This therapy doesn’t use phytoestrogens and other hormone balancing plants. The main aim of herbalism is to augment circulation to and from the areas of damage.

Herbs which are helpful in the treatment of endometriosis include: Oregon grape root, chaste berry, cramp bark, black cohosh, valerian, vervain, pasque flower, motherwort, borage, yarrow and hops [Different types of healing herbs].

When treating endometriosis, TCM considers about your menstrual history, your cycle duration, pain, the time at which pain occurs, severity and the location of the disease.

Homeopathy as endometriosis natural treatment:

In this method of alternative approach, a very dilute dose of natural substances are given to cure the symptoms. This method stimulates your body’s own resistance to correct the illness and allow the symptoms to disappear.

For endometriosis treatment, homeopathy treats the individual, not the disease. A homeopath will ask you many questions in order to get clear view about your condition. Homeopathic treatment is different to the way every woman reacts to endometriosis and also to the other factors in your life that cause the disease to appear in the first place.

Diet changes as endometriosis natural treatment:

Minimize your exposure to xenoestrogens by changing your diet. Avoid consuming non-organic dairy products, chicken and beef.

Increase the consumption of nutrient rich foods, particularly soy, fiber, cold-water fish, cruciferous vegetables. All of these foods help in hormonal balancing and removes the excess estrogen from your body.

Better follow a diet full of whole foods, which is full of carbohydrates in order to support healthy insulin metabolism and thus supporting overall hormonal balance. Also, limit the intake of alcohol consumption.

Aromatherapy as endometriosis natural treatment:

This therapy uses natural aromatic plant aspects. Different aromatic oils can help in digestion, assisting with sleep problems, supporting the reproductive system, boosting your immune system, balancing your hormone system, and many other subtle benefits.

In treating endometriosis, aromatherapy is used in conjunction with many other alternative therapies for its effectiveness. The healing properties of these essential oils will help in treating many residual problems associated with endometriosis.

Hydrotherapy as endometriosis natural treatment:

Alternative practitioners often recommend a contrast sitz bath for endometriosis. Basically this bath involves, sitting in a tub or small basin which is filled with warm water for up to three minutes, then getting up and sitting in another tub filled with cool water for a minute. Repeat the cycle for another 3 times. But, don’t do this procedure during menstruation.

Progesterone cream as endometriosis natural treatment:

Sometimes alternative practitioners suggest progesterone cream as it slows the growth of abnormal endometrial tissues. Though it is not considered as a cure for endometriosis, it can improve the symptoms like pain during your menstrual cycle and also the pelvic pain.

There is not any proven evidence on progesterone cream for endometriosis. Apply the cream to the wrists, upper chest, inner arms and inner thighs as suggested by a physician.

These endometriosis natural treatment methods work for treating the symptoms for some extent. But, before following any of these methods, consult your physician.