How healthy are you? Maybe it is time you ask yourself this question.

A scary health fact of the modern society is that people rather treat than prevent because most of them dread the results of a regular screening. Another worrisome fact is that the average US citizen visits a hospital or goes to the doctor only in case of severe pain, accidents or life threatening circumstances.

Health Tests You Should Take to Prevent Health Issues

Blood Test for Glucose

Glucose screening is a very simple test and it can help you diagnose one of the most common health problems in US – diabetes.

You should take the test very early in the morning before having breakfast or coffee. In case the blood sugar is between 80 and 100, you are fine. However…in  case it is between 100 and 125 you are in danger of developing diabetes and if it is over 125 you already suffer from it. The right diet and supplements can help prevent a pre-diabetic from becoming diabetic so it is mandatory to take this test at least every 6 months.

Cholesterol blood test

High cholesterol is a very common health problem. On an average scale, a higher than usual cholesterol level is responsible for a large range of health problems from blood pressure to kidney disease.

You should be aware that the normal cholesterol level should be under 200 and higher values can be the result of bad nutrition but also extremely stressful periods or events in your life. Further testing can clear the matter on which is the source responsible and your doctor can properly advise you on what changes in nutrition and /or lifestyle you must make to prevent more severe problems.

Breast cancer screening

Feeling a lump in your breast or in your underarm section is maybe one of the scariest things in the world. However in 50% of the cases these are caused by hormones rather than by cancerous cells. Monitoring the breasts and having a basic screening  at least once a year may save you a lot of grief. Breast problems, cancerous or not don’t appear overnight and a mammography every 2 years can help prevent dangerous problems. However if you notice there is something wrong with the shape, structure and color of your breast you should contact your doctor immediately.

Blood Pressure Assessment

We hear a lot of things about blood pressure but the fact is that more people die or become impaired every day because of strokes and cardiac arrests. You should know that blood pressure is extremely volatile and there are a great number of causes which can make it go instantly up or down. Such abrupt changes are behind strokes and coronary issues.

Many people consider that having a low blood pressure it’s a sign they are healthy, when in fact that is not true.

The important fact about blood pressure is to be constant .This is why at least every 6 months you should have a realistic assessment of the values your blood pressure had over 10 or more days.Normal values are 115/75 and worrisome values are the ones over 140/90. In case you have such high values you are suffering from hypertension ad you should be under medication. Also any values in between the normal and high can be an indicator for future hypertension.