health checkupsIf women want to make a resolution to take care of themselves and their health in the coming year, then they should do it by undertaking to carry out the following health tests important for women’s health

  • Mammogram – if women have a family history of breast cancer, they should start having regular mammograms by age 40. Carry out regular breast self exams, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, have it looked at.
  • Skin check – early detection is the key to a successful cure of skin cancer, so be sure not to ignore any changes or unusual new moles you may find. A complete body exam by a doctor is also a good precaution.
  • Eye test – the rule of thumb is to have your eyes examined once in two years if you don’t wear glasses, but each year if you do. Women are more at risk of dry-eye syndrome, and autoimmune diseases of the eyes.
  • Dental exam – This is not just for the sake of your pearly whites; gum disease actually adds to one’s risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. So schedule yearly teeth cleaning session and have teeth checked for inflammation.