Tubal ligation is a procedure wherein a woman’s childbearing capacity has been stopped. It is a surgical sterilization technique in women whereby the fallopian tubes are being closed.

In effect, the eggs are being blocked from traveling to the uterus from the ovary. However, if a woman decides to get pregnant again, tubal ligation reversal is considered an option.

It is a form of surgery wherein the fallopian tubes are rejoined. As a major surgery performed under general anesthesia, it involves unclamping and reattaching the fallopian tubes for them to be passable again.

Subsequently, an implant is being attached by the doctor in the tubes in order for them to be just as functional prior to tubal ligation. The procedure is done using microsurgical technique.
What are the purposes of tubal ligation reversal?


After the tubal ligation reversal, a woman’s chances of getting pregnant is already active. Through the procedure, the eggs are able to travel through the tubes going to the uterus where it can meet with the sperm until fertilization takes place.

Relieve side effects of tubal ligation

On the contrary, there are women who seek tubal ligation reversal not for the purpose of getting pregnant again but to reverse the effects brought about by their tubal ligation.

Some of these effects include, vaginal dryness, lack of interest in sex, anxiety, mood swings and hot flashes. It is believed that as soon as the procedure has been performed, such syndromes have disappeared.

How is it done?

Tubal ligation reversal is a minor operation done at the doctor’s clinic. It requires anaesthesia and on an out-patient basis. The entire tubal ligation reversal procedure takes about two to three hours to finish.

The recovery period is withiin three days at most. There are specialized tubal ligation reversal doctors who can safely perform the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

Just like any other operations, a tubal ligation reversal procedure has certain post-operation side effects too. Although these are very rare, it can happen from time to time.

These can include, inflammation of the surgery, infection and bleeding. Doctors may recommend certain medications to relieve these side effects.

Is it expensive?

Tubal ligation reversal costs arounf $5,000.00. However, there are clinics that offer payment plans making the procedure affordable to those who cannot afford it.

In spite of this, it is less cheaper than undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment. Additionally, the success rate of tubal ligation reversal is higher by 70% than ivf.

Can anybody undergo this procedure?

Tubal ligation reversal is not a possible option for anybody because of certain factors involved such as the following:

  • Previous tubal ligation surgery: Women whose remaining fallopian tubes are at least four inches long with both ends of the tubal sections of the same diameter are potential candidates for tubal ligation reversal. Otherwise, the surgery will not be successful.
  • Age: Women over the age of forty are discouraged from getting tubal ligation reversal because the chances of pregnancy are very slim and if any, the success rate is very low too.